I can’t say enough about how fantastic this brunch is.  Seriously, I bow to this brunch.

While growing up in Toronto, my family used to go to an incredible brunch buffet at a restaurant called Movenpick (not to be confused with the Movenpick Marché chain, which it eventually morphed into) for special occasions.  It was so fabulous – including an endless variety of food with everything perfectly prepared – that I have never forgotten it, and any brunch I have had since has paled in comparison.

That all changed this morning, when my husband and son took me to Bin 36 for a surprise Mother’s Day brunch.  Just like the fabulous brunch of my childhood, they offered a dizzying array of every breakfast/brunch item imaginable and twice as many delectable things you haven’t heard of (but wish you had!).  We were absolutely blown away by how incredible everything was.  This photograph was from my second round, which included blueberry ricotta pancakes, crunchy bacon, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, shrimp cocktail, roast beef with horseradish cream, red and yellow beets with goat cheese and orange segments, fresh crab benedict, sausage, honey-smoked ham, and the most scrumptous breakfast potatoes I have ever had.  My third round was dedicated to desserts, which I find are traditionally disappointing at most buffets.  Not so at Bin 36.  The dessert table was every bit as mouth-watering as the savory stuff (my personal favourites were sea salt caramel brownies, blueberry panna cotta, chocolate cheese cake pops, and an array of colourful cream-filled macaroons).

My only regret is lack of stomach space, as there were at least twice as many scrumptious-looking things there that I wasn’t even able to try.  That and the fact that Bin 36 only serves brunch on special occasions.  But I  guarantee that we will be celebrating all future brunch-worthy occasions at Bin 36 from this day on.  It is unbeatable.


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