Creamy vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two French Pastry puffs and covered with chocolate sauce.

The first time I ever tried this classic French dessert was at Brasserie Jo in Chicago, and I never forgot it. There is something so unexpectedly unique about this mouthwatering combination that goes beyond just the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves. The light texture of the cream puffs and the hardness of the ice cream which has been softened by the hot fudge sauce is what makes this dessert so addictive to me.

Profiteroles are essentially what we refer to in the United States as cream puffs. They are more often filled by whipped cream than ice cream, and topped with anything from caramel to powdered sugar. Brasserie Jo’s version is the best I have had. A server sets the profiteroles on the table in front of you unadorned, then pours chocolate over them until you say the word “stop” – that is, if you are so inclined (I am not).



5 thoughts on “Profiteroles // Brasserie Jo, Boston MA

    • Hahaha! You are hilarious. 🙂
      Mon Ami Gabi in Chicago serves profiteroles in exactly the same way, if you are interested. It’s a great restaurant and close to where you are staying.
      I’m looking forward to dining with you as well!

  1. Delicious! Profiteroles are something I should really try, because I have a few good looking gluten free recipes for them….

  2. I used to make profiteroles many years ago, but alas! I don’t know what happened. These look so fresh and nice and the addition of chocolate and creamy vanilla bean ice-cream makes it irresistible! You’ve left me drooling!

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