Fried green beans topped with grano padano and a side of truffle aioli.

The first time I went to Pizzeria Defina, I went for the beans.  The pizza at this cozy, crowded, creative little pizzeria in Roncesvalles Village is absolutely fabulous, but my sister had been raving about the fried green beans and I was anxious to try them.

I wasn’t disappointed.  The green beans were deep-fried  to a nice bright green and maintained a lovely crisp texture (hence the name) without being too greasy.  The shaved grano padano added a tasty cheesy flavour, and the aoili packed a truffle kick without being too overpowering.

It was a nice change to have a deep-fried vegetable without all the breading, and it actually tasted better (albeit slightly less sinful!).


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