Warm, delectably spiced, falling apart tender smoked meat piled high on rye bread with plenty of mustard.

This sandwich has so much smoked meat it is likely to fall apart the moment you take a bite–in fact, you’ll probably need 17 napkins just for the first half. But who cares?  It’s so incredibly good, you’ll be picking little bits of smoked meat off your lap to make sure you get every last bite.

I think Montreal has the best smoked meat in the world, and that Swartz’s is by far the best place to get smoked meat in Montreal.  So by my logic, it stands to reason that this is the best smoked meat sandwich in the world. Despite the fact that your $7.64 will only get you the sandwich with no sides (trust me, you aren’t likely to need much after consuming this sandwich), there is a constant lineup outside this place at all hours of the day.

For an extra charge you have the option of ordering your sandwich lean or medium, but I order mine straight up.  This is no place to quibble about fat.


2 thoughts on “Smoked Meat Sandwich // Swartz’s Deli, Montreal QU

  1. I had dinner serval hours ago and now I’m feeling hungry again after sitting for several hours. I wouldn’t mind an after midnight snack of smoked beef sandwich. I am drooling…

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