This might possibly be the world’s most perfect grilled cheese sandwich paired with the best ever homemade tomato soup.  This sandwich is made from four cheeses melted into one deliciously gooey center that somehow manages to stay attached to the sandwich despite it’s best efforts to escape.  The bread is a lovely house-baked sourdough that pairs perfectly with the melted cheeses.  After being pressed in the grill, the sandwich becomes crisp on the edges while still maintaining enough softness to make every bite perfect.  The soup is a harmonious balance of creamy and tomato-y, and is thick enough to coat the sandwich without running down your fingers when you dip it.  This is clearly not a low fat meal, but it is worth every  bite.

My husband and I happened upon this casual Paris-inspired café by chance, and I’m so glad we did because it has become one of our favourite lunch spots in Nashville.  I haven’t actually managed to try any of their other lunch offerings because I never want to give up an opportunity to have their grilled cheese, but I have yet to be disappointed by any of the wonderful cakes, cookies, and pastries they also have on offer.


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