Fries, braised pork, truffle jus, blue cheese, and chives topped with a fried egg.

I feel like I am stating the obvious when I say that this combination is delicious. Even bad french fries are good on some level, and piling them high with ingredients like braised pork, truffle jus, blue cheese, and chives is only going to make the situation even better. As you know, I’ll eat pretty much anything that has been topped with a fried egg, but this is certainly a perfect venue. Like the title, this dish is messy and hot, and as heart-cloggingly scrumptious as anything can possibly be.

A Hot Mess of Fries

Overall I am not so impressed with the food at Summer House, which for the most part seems well-concieved but badly executed. But no matter how bad a job one does when throwing together this hot mess of ingredients on a plate and topping it with a fried egg, I just don’t see that it can be anything but delicious. And as long is that keeps happening, I will be returning to Summer House for this dish alone.


5 thoughts on “Hot Mess of Fries // SummerHouse, Chicago IL

  1. this so should have been on my list! Drooling. I would like a plate now, please. And I love this: “Even bad french fries are good on some level.” 🙂

    • Lol! I don’t claim to have the most refined taste.. 😉
      This really is a delicious plate. I don’t know who wouldn’t love it! Vegans excepted, of course. 😉

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