A beautiful, colourful bowl filled with crisp stone fruits, tree nuts, a variety of cow cheeses, carrot cakes, dried fruits, and edible flowers.

California's Bounty Bowl

If you follow this blog, you will have noticed that this is my third post about San Diego’s amazing Juniper & Ivy. The is because everything they serve is fantastic!

California’s Bounty is a truly wondrous assortment of all of the delicious offerings things that grow naturally in California, paired with some seriously amazing cheeses that go stunningly well with the fruit and nuts and edible flowers.

California's Bounty Cheese

The stone fruits are fresh and crispy and sweet and delicious, and the combination of everything together is a symphony flavour. I can only imagine how incredible this would be paired with wine.

A reminder that some of the best things in life are the simplest!


5 thoughts on “California’s Bounty // Juniper & Ivy, San Diego CA

  1. I love the way you describe it ” a symphony of flavour” with stone fruits, tree nuts and cheeses. I think I am gonna make myself a plate…with all my favourite ingredients. Thanks for sharing.

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