Hand-cut Kennebec french fries with crispy lemons, spicy red chills, and shishito peppers.

Beatrix is a beautiful restaurant located in the Aloft hotel in downtown Chicago that specializes in healthy foods successfully disguised as sinful foods. I am a huge fan of this combination. There are plenty of whole grain and veggie options here–even their burger, which is absolutely fabulous, is served with plenty of green veggies on a whole grain bun. And yet, I always feel like i am really indulging here. My kind of place!

Kennebec Fries with Crispy Lemon

These delicious Kennebec fries with crispy lemons and chiles can not in any way be passed off as healthy, but hey, at least they’re vegan-friendly (okay, minus the aioli). And they are just too good not to write about.

People add all sorts of things to fries, but I’ve never seen crispy lemons or chills in there. It turns out to be a fantastic combination. The crispy lemons are divine, and go so well with Beatrix’s delicious hand-cut fries that I really can’t believe I haven’t seen this combination anywhere else. The chilis add both a nice, spicy touch and a great texture. Dipping a forkful of this into the aioli, I even find myself forgetting about my allegiance to poutine (which is saying a lot!).


7 thoughts on “Kennebec Fries with Crispy Lemons // Beatrix, Chicago IL

  1. these do remind me of poutine, though a slightly more sophisticated spin 😉 Can see why you like. Am enjoying learning more about the Chicago culinary scene!

    • Thanks! You’re right – lemons definitely have a much more sophisticated air than gravy! 😉 Hope you are able to enjoy the Chicago culinary scene yourself soon!

  2. I would probably eat three plates of crispy fries and lots of aioli then go home and start cursing myself for overeating. No more fries for one month…I would say something to that effect but it’s never totally binding. Enjoy your Sunday.

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