Fresh blueberries baked in a soft and chewy custard cake with a crunchy top.

Bittersweet has a lot of delicious treats in their display case, but they do a particularly lovely job with this yummy cake. Their clafoutis are soft and custardy in the center, deliciously chewy on the edges, and crunchy on the sugar-coated top.

Clafoutis are aย delicious French dessert that are typically made with sour cherries, but Bittersweet bakery fills theirs with something different every day of the week. My favourite are the blueberry, which are filled to the brim with juicy, flavourful blueberries.

Blueberry Clafoutis

No matter how full I am after eating lunch here (and I am always very full!) I always pick up a clafoutis – or two – to take home as a treat for later.


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