Spicy dark chocolate filled with crunchy mesquite roasted almonds and sprinkled with dried chipotle.

I hardly know where to begin with this delicious combination. The Chocolateria‘s dark chocolate is fabulous with anything, but it is particularly incredible when it is combined with these delightfully crunchy mesquite smoked almonds.


The chipotle is perfectly spicy – not too much, not too little – while the mesquite leaves the very welcome flavour of bacon lingering in your mouth after every bite (no, there is no meat in these! but yes, chocolate and bacon do mix!).

According to the owners of Roncesvalles Village’s popular Chocolateria, they will dip “just about anything” in chocolate. But while the rest of Toronto has apparently fallen in love with their chocolate-covered potato chips, the mesquite chiptole chocolate is my personal favourite.




8 thoughts on “Mesquite Chipotle Chocolate // Chocolateria, Toronto ON

    • My mom just visited from Toronto and brought me this (they live right down the street from this place). Wish I had more so I could give you some when you make it to Chicago!!

  1. “they will dip “just about anything” in chocolate” – the most beautiful words we’ve read in a long time. Hehehe. But yeah, bacon and chocolate do surprisingly go well together. 🙂

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