Seared hamachi with sweet and sour beat foam, crispy sourdough croutons, and house made créme fraîche.

Despite the fact that it showcases two of my favorite ingredients (hamachi and beets), I still can’t believe how incredible this dish tastes.  The hamachi is seared to perfection, with the center still pink.  The texture of the outside is slightly chewier than you might expect from seared tuna, but in a good way (think jerky as opposed to chewing gum).  It is this texture that allows the eater an extra moment or two to savor the delicate flavor of the hamachi as it melds with the mouthwateringly delicious sweet and sour beet foam, salty little sourdough croutons, and Wood’s creamy, dreamy crème fraîche.

Hamachi with Beet Foam and Créme Fraîche

I’ve been to Wood four times now, and have decided that it is one of Chicago’s best restaurants.  Every single thing I have tried has been nothing less than spectacular – food, drinks, and dessert – and the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and excited about the amazing food they are serving. It’s clear that chef Ashlee Aubin (formerly of Alinea) cares deeply about everything that comes out of the kitchen.  All ingredients are made from scratch–from the spicy merguéz sausage to the delicious homemade tagliatelle pasta.  The bar also leaves nothing to be desired.

Run, don’t walk to this amazing restaurant.  Because when the secret is out you are likely to find yourself in for a wait.


4 thoughts on “Hamachi with Beet Foam and Crème Fraîche // Wood, Chicago IL

  1. your photos are stunning!! that pink is so pretty 🙂 And sourdough croutons are one of my favorite things ever. Always fun to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks so much Liz. 🙂 This dish was incredible. I was amazed that the pink came out at all – I had to pump up the brightness and contrast, as I took the photographs at night and they were way too dark. The shallow white bowl this dish was served in ended up giving the impression, when close cropped, of the food being suspended in air. Crazy pics!

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