Smooth dark chocolate filled with tart chewy cranberries and covered with red strawberries.

I bought this delicious bar in a little storefront in Grenada that specializes in specialty Spanish foodstuffs.  What initially attracted my attention was a beautiful white chocolate bar covered in fruits and candied rose petals made by the same company.  I’m a huge sucker for anything with floral overtones, but I’m not a white chocolate person. So after some mental debate, I went for the dark chocolate version with no rose petals instead.

Dark Chocolate with Red Fruits

I was not disappointed.  The chocolate was delightfully smooth, and the combination of fragrant red berries was not only beautiful to look at, it was incredibly tasty.  I think I might have to try the white rose one now, if I ever get a chance.

La Confiteria Delavíuda is based in Toledo, Spain.


8 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate with Red Fruits // Delavíuda, Toledo ES

  1. I just got one of these chocolate bars for a grab bag gift today !
    OMG ! It is delicious !!!! I have to go out tomorrow and find some more !!!!

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