Three delicious jars filled with 1) crushed chickpeas, thai chilis, and clementine marmalade; 2) shrimp, fennel, and scampi sauce; and 3) sweet and sour beet, barrel-aged cow feta, and lemon jam. Served with chewy, crusty bread brushed with olive oil.

When you order the ‘Box of Jars’ at State and Lake you get to pick three from their mouth-watering selection of jars.  They are all amazing, but these three are the best.  The chickpeas – by far my favourite – are mixed with a heavenly sweet clementine marmalade and surprisingly spicy marinated pepper tips.  The shrimp are rich, saucy, buttery, creamy, and lemony.  The beets are sweet and served with a citrus tang and tart cheese.  I love the combination of all these different elements, which make for an exciting and highly satisfying appetizer.  $14.


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