Warm naan bread topped with creamy coconut curry shrimp and crisp apple slaw in a Vietnamese vinaigrette.

The shrimp on naan is definitely a knife-and-fork sandwich – I wouldn’t even attempt to pick this up with my hands.  But what it lacks in neatness it more than makes up for in flavour and texture.

DT Bistro (formerly under the unusual moniker ‘Dessert Trends’) was opened in 2005 by the immensely talented Vietnamese chef Donald Duang, and it has been my favourite lunch spot in Toronto for nearly a decade.   What has made it so great is that the menu has always had a ton of fabulous-looking sandwiches to choose from, and all of them have been outstanding.  It doesn’t hurt that the pastry case in back contains a mouth-watering array of desserts that actually live up to their incredible looks.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my last visit was good, but not as good as it had been previously. It was a little more expensive, had fewer shrimp, the naan was chewier than usual, and there weren’t as many sandwiches to choose from.

This place has been my favourite lunch spot in Toronto for nearly a decade. The chef is the same, and I have never before had a bad experience, so I am hoping that this was just the result of some minor growing pains.  But if any other long-time patrons happen to be reading this post, I would love to know if you have noticed any changes.


3 thoughts on “Curried Shrimp on Naan // DT Bistro, Toronto ON

    • It’s on Harbord, just west of Spadina on the North side of the street. I’m pretty sure the naan sandwich is the only Indian food on the menu – it is more of a bistro, with a Vietnamese chef and some Asian influences. Let me know how it is if you go there!

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