This super tasty organic dark chocolate stick is made from 60% pure natural cocao blended with delightfully crispy chunks of flavourful banana.

All I can say is wow.  With this little bar, Theobrama Chocolat has accomplished one of the best balances between chocolate and banana I have ever tasted, and the crunchy bits of banana chunks that are interspersed generously throughout give it an unusual but wonderful crispy texture.  And I love the nifty shape!   If you are a person like me who can’t stop eating a chocolate bar until it is finished, you will appreciate the small but still ample size of this bar.

Theobrama Chocolat is organic, fair trade, GMO free, Gluten free, organic nature friendly, soy free, and vegan.  It is made in Canada, and can be found in Toronto at Big Carrot Natural Food Market, Evergreen Natural Foods, Mulberry, Noah’s, Peaches and Green, Rosedale General Store, as well as at other purveyors of quality foods throughout Canada.


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