Spicy Hokkaido scallops, avocado and cucumber topped with pepper-seared albacore tuna makes for a scrumptious combination of flavours and textures.  In general, I have become pretty predictable when it comes to ordering rolls these days–if it contains spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, or fresh crab I am all over it, while I tend to avoid anything containing smoked salmon, hamachi (which is actually my favourite for sashimi, but is too mild for rolls), or creamed cheese.  So it came as a nice surprise to find a roll that doesn’t include any of my old standbys and is every bit as tasty.  I haven’t always found the texture or taste of scallops to hold up as well in rolls as raw fish does, but paired with the smoothness of the avocado, the crunchiness of the cucumber, and the spicy, tender, and beautifully seared tuna on top, it was tremendous.  I had one last night and haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.


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