A seasoned all-beef patty topped with sweet glazed bacon, melted cheddar, lettuce, cucumber, barbecue sauce and thin-sliced onion rings on a soft bun.

You can’t see it through the insane mound of fried onions, but there is a delicious beef patty, sweet bacon, melted cheddar, and one side of a soft bun hiding under there. Spread on some tangy barbecue sauce, put it together with the other side (hiding under the cucumber and lettuce), and you’ve got Lucky Patter’s finger-licking good Texas Burger.  And thanks to the soft bun, it isn’t even all that hard to get your mouth around.

You can choose from a number of sides from mac n cheese to cornbread to gingered fruit. I highly recommend the elote. For some reason, only a very small number of the places in the US that I have tried this at have done a decent job, but the elote at Lucky Platter (made here with with mayo, powdered cheese, and Mexican seasoning) is better than good–and sItting alongside the Texas Burger it makes for one of the most satisfying meals ever.


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