Tangy whole cherries suspended in sweet cherry ice share a cup with sweet tart lemon ice.

As the name implies, Soupbox  is a place for soup.  But a few years ago – during a long, hot, not-conducive-for-soup-eating summer – the owners must have decided they needed to offer something cold to get them through the hot months.

Enter icyfruit, a refreshing snowcone-sorbet hybrid made with fresh fruit and boasting a record low number of calories in the frozen treat arena. Cold, sweet, and incredibly smooth – not to mention (nearly) guilt-free – the icyfruit at Soupbox quickly captured the taste buds of a surprisingly large portion of the neighborhood.  My husband and I practically went every day for an entire two month stretch the summer we first tried it.

All of the flavours are nonfat – with the exception if coconut – and are flavoured with real fruit with only a little added sugar, depending on fruit sweetness. My favourties vary from day to day, which is fine because the friendly staff is always willing to let you taste as many as you like.


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