A pan-seared strata of seasoned, stewed pork butt and textured cabbage held together by a fabulous sticky rice then boiled in an aromatic kimchi broth and topped with fresh green scallions.

Whether you’re a cabbage fan or not (I’m not) it’s hard to imagine anyone not loving this fabulously delicious dish.  The pork is tender and beautifully seasoned, the rice is superbly sticky, and the cabbage gives a subtle but delicious texture to the strata. The top is burned to form a thin crusty layer that is reminiscent of tadig (the much saught-after gold brown crusted at the bottom of Persian rice) so that pieces of crispy rice are interspersed in every bite.  All of this sits in a mouthwatering pool of orange kimchi-flavoured broth that is absorbed by the rice as you eat.

Sibling chefs Edward and Kimberly Kim ( partners at Chicago’s Ruxbin) opened Mott St this spring as an homage to Manhattan’s Mott St restaurant scene. The menu is designed to emulate an Asian night market, featuring late night snacks, spicy comfort food, and inventive cocktails. There are many intriguing items to choose from, including crab brain fried rice (yes, they are actual crab brains), ice cold buckwheat noodles with brisket and fermented turnips, and the Collar of the Day – a preparation of fish collar that changes daily – but the stuffed cabbage is my favourite so far.  This truly incredible dish takes comfort food to a whole new level.


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