A massive slice of pizza topped with homemade tomato sauce, fresh plum tomatoes, crispy basil leaves,  oregano, and melted mozzarella cheese on soft white Italian dough.

This is actually more of a straight-up tomato and cheese pizza with lots of fresh basil than a traditional Margherita pizza. The dough is soooooo fantastically soft and good, the sauce is slightly sweet and delicious, and there is plenty of yummy Italian mozzarella cheese.

A slice will cost you between three and four bucks, and the slices are so big they don’t even come close to fitting on a dinner plate (the one pictured above is taking up most of a VERY large cutting board). Even when I am starving, a single slice is almost more than I can fit in my stomach.  Though I challenge you to try to stop eating it!


2 thoughts on “Margherita King Slice // King Slice, Toronto ON

  1. Are you in Canada? how come I don’t have you on my list, if you are? I simply love tomato-cheese pizza. I would eat this without stopping. Thanks for sharing. It looks very appetizing!

  2. I live in the US now, but I was born in Montreal and grew up in Toronto. My whole family still lives there so I visit a lot.
    Are you Canadian? What is your list?

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