Organic dark chocolate with white chocolate polka dots by Bovetti Chocolatier.

This white and dark bar chocolate bar is made by Bovetti Chocolatier in Terrason-Lavilledieu, a commune located in the Dordogne Department in the region of Aquitaine in Southwestern France. It is a little softer than most dark chocolates without being particularly buttery. The sweet white chocolate polka-dots temper the dark chocolate, which has a rich, deep cocoa flavour and fruitiness without the lasting bitterness that so many dark chocolates have. Bitterness, crispness, and a buttery texture are all qualities I love about dark chocolate, but Bovetti makes a surprisingly nice departure from every one of these attributes.

I’m not going to lie: I really wanted this chocolate bar to taste good.  I was bracing myself for disappointment, but I would have been a little crushed if it had been waxy or boring because it just looks so fabulous. So I was pretty happy when I took my first bite and found that it tastes as good as it looks.

Of course, the design is also a large part of its appeal.  How often do you get to eat polka-dotted food?


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