If you told me last year I would be blogging about celery soup I would have laughed. Celery is not exactly my favourite flavour, and my only interest in puréed soups in the past has been as an accompaniment for something more interesting. The only reason I even ordered celery soup in the first place is because I know that every soup that comes out of the kitchen at Bittersweet is spectacular.

It seems like they start with a variation of the same delicious base before adding and adapting for the flavour du jour–I’m thinking maybe puréed potato, a nice rich chicken broth, onions and garlic, and fresh herbs.  There could be some cream or butter in there too – though not enough to call it a “cream of” – because I’m telling you, not many things that don’t have butter taste like this soup does.  The top is sprinkled with some very tasty homemade croutons that disintegrate ever so slightly while maintaining their buttery crunchiness, and you get a soft slice of fresh bread on the side for dipping.

If you don’t believe that celery soup will be as exciting and fulfilling a lunch as I claim it will be, you can order it paired with a half sandwich or half salad.  Bittersweet uses quality ingredients and I have liked most everything I have tried from their menu board, which changes every day.  And as long the soup is involved somewhere in your order, you really can’t go wrong.


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