Chewy, thin-crust pizza covered with cheese from Puglia, thinly-sliced fresh pears, and honey.

This pizza is so delicious we went back the very next day so we could have it again. The homemade crust at Terre dAcqua is amazing and would probably taste good with dirt sprinkled on it. Here, it is covered with Caciocavallo, a teardrop-shaped curd cheese that is local to Puglia and has a taste similar to Provolone.


Mixed in with the Caciocavallo is Canestrato, a hard cheese also local to Puglia that is made from a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milks. Over this lies an impressive coating of thinly-sliced pears that are as delicious as they are beautiful, topped by a sweet local honey that brings out the flavor of the pears and the saltiness of the cheeses in the most wonderful way.



4 thoughts on “Pear and Honey Pizza with Puglian Cheeses // Terre dAcqua, Rome IT

  1. oh! (I think that’s been my standard opening comment for all of your Italy posts, lol)–that is brilliant. So pretty how thinly the pears are sliced. Can see why you went back for more. Thanks for bringing the best of your culinary travels to HotDish 🙂

  2. Thanks for appreciating them and for your really nice comment! 🙂 Most people come back from their trips with photos of the family and the sights. Me…the food.

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