Fresh local Manchego cheese sprinkled with rosemary and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Served with crisp, sweet red grapes, house olives, and a buttery baguette.

Simple, local foods are one of the things that Spain is famous for, and Baco y Beto knows exactly how to showcase the specatcular ingredients this country has to offer.  Given the quality of this fantastic little restaurant, it seems almost unfortunate to be writing about something so obvious–but this Manchego cheese platter is hands down the most delicious thing I have had in Madrid.

Manchego cheese is typically made from ewe’s milk, and there is nothing like having it fresh in Spain.  It is a world apart from the manchego that I have eaten in the United States!  It was drizzled in olive oil and fresh rosemary–a simple but  unbelievably divine preparation that went so well with a small plate of delicious house olives and a lovely glass of local white wine.

Baco y Beto is an adorable little tapas and wine bar in the heart of Chueca, Madrid’s gay neighborhood and one of its culinary centers.  All of the food is fresh, delicious, inventive, and artfully prepared.  Their smoked eggplant was incredible, as was a delectably spiced chicken patty served on crispy potato wedges with asparagus sauce. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the chef himself helped me navigate their selection of Spanish wines to find the perfect one.  Very highly recommended!


5 thoughts on “Manchego with Rosemary and Olive Oil // Baco y Beto, Madrid ES

  1. love Manchego. Have a friend who does not, citing it as “boring.” I disagree–it’s mild manner means you can pair it with highly flavored food!

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