Crunchy curly cucumber strings tossed with toasted sesame seeds and a sweet rice wine vinaigrette topped with fresh shredded beets.

One of the things I like most about Rollapalooza is that they don’t rely on high-fat ingredients like fried tempura bits and mayonnaise to make their food taste good.  It’s amazing to me that their dishes are always light and low-fat without compromising on taste–in fact, I would argue that they have some of the tastiest raw fish dishes in the city.

Like everything else at Rollapalooza, this salad is both refreshingly light and uncommonly delicious.  I am a huge fan of Japanese green salads with ginger dressing, but I like this sunomono even more.  The cucumber is so fresh and the dressing is so tasty!   It is also big enough to share, but if you’re feeling greedy it is still light enough to handle on your own without filling up too much to enjoy the rest of your meal.


2 thoughts on “Cucumber Sunomono // Rollapalooza, Chicago IL

  1. I think it might actually be listed as ‘Cucumber Salad’ on the menu, but it’s definitely a spin on a traditional sunomono–with the exception of the soy sauce. Either way, it is the best Japanese cucumber salad I have had. 😉

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