Smoky  tofu, sweet creamy barbecue sauce, and crisp veggies wrapped on a soft whole wheat tortilla.  The description doesn’t do this addictive sandwich justice. The veggies are incredibly fresh, the sauce is unbearably delicious, and I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculously good the smoky tofu is.  I have the opportunity to eat this tasty wrap just one time every year or two, but the flavour is permanently imprinted on my tongue.

The Preserved Seed is in a cozy little house tucked into a hillside at the foot of the town of Nelson.  It is owned by The Twelve Tribes, a small religious community based about twenty minutes outside of town at Mt Sentinel Farms.  Much of the wonderful comfort food they serve is grown on their farm, and the staff are all part of the Mt Sentinel community–the men wear pony tails and beards,  the women dress in long skirts, and the place has a quiet, homey vibe.  The community’s vision was to open a small café offering a simple menu in a comfortable living-room-style setting, but the place is so good that they recently opened an adjacent house to hold all the people who were lining up for a wholesome, delicious meal.  They keep odd hours, so I’d recommend checking their schedule before setting your heart on a visit.


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