A double cheeseburger topped with panko-crusted deep-fried jalapeño peppers.

I have been hearing about how delicious the burgers at the Burger’s Priest in Toronto are for years, and have been itching to try one. I finally got the opportunity over the holidays while visiting my family for Christmas.

The Burgers Priest

Regardless of its unusual middle-of-nowhere location on the Queensway, the Burger’s Priest was packed to the gills at 11:30am on boxing day. There were a ton of burgers to choose from and my husband found even more on the secret menu (accessed by a “skill-testing” question regarding Noah’s Ark at http://www.theburgerspriest.com/secret-menu/).

Most of the burgers had biblical names like ‘Judgement Day’ and ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. ‘The Vatican City’ was sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches in place of a bun (I so wanted to try this, but there was no way after the amount of food I consumed over Christmas!). My favourite was ‘The Religious Hypocrite’, a veggie burger topped with bacon. 🙂

My favourite burger on earth is topped with deep-fried jalapeño peppers, so I went with the ‘Holy Smokes’, a double cheeseburger with panko-crusted deep-fried jalapeños and all the fixings.

The Holy Smokes Burger

Despite the hype (which can kill even a good thing), this burger did not in any way disappoint. The bun was perfect; soft and delicious with a buttery toasted inside that kept the sandwich intact. The crunchy panko-crusted japaleños were surprisingly spicy but the double patty and veggies tempered the blow perfectly. The ground beef was incredible, soft without falling apart and delectably spiced. I will definitely be coming back!


7 thoughts on “Holy Smokes // The Burger’s Priest, Toronto ON

  1. so cool! Love the play on words throughout. Clever burger joint. Thanks for showing me something new 🙂 Checked out the website and it was awesome. lol the secret menu test. Big smiles all around 😀

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