After trying several of Burger Up’s delicious burgers I thought it would be tough to choose just one from this fabulous, sustainable burger joint in Nashville’s beautiful 12 South neighborhood. That changed when I tried their bison burger, and I realized I had found the clear winner.

I thought the bison would be gamey, but this patty is tender, delicious, and packed with flavour. The simple but ingenious addition of fried red onion and jalapeños adds a complexity of both flavour and texture that pushes this burger into the realm of the divine. Also included are pungent white cheddar, crisp romaine, fresh tomato, Burger Up’s house-made honey Dijon aioli, and a bun that is soft enough to let the other ingredients take the spotlight without falling apart.

The ketchup is made in-house (and oh, what a difference that makes!), and the fries are as good as it gets—homemade, thick-cut, flavourful, soft but not mushy. To top it off, their meat is sourced from local farms that use sustainable farm practices, so you don’t feel gross about eating there.

I have been to this place dozens of times, and haven’t tried a single thing on their menu that I haven’t loved. There is something for everyone — even my Vegan friends love it. It’s also fully licensed, has some great drink specials, and is nice enough to go to for a night out with friends or family. Highly, highly recommended.


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