Two homemade Mexican-style popsicles: tart, refreshing plum and sweet, creamy avocado.

The flavours at this Mexican-style popsicle stand in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood rotate daily. Some are made of cream while others are water-based. All are incredibly light and delicious. There is no best flavour, but my personal favourites include rose, rice pudding, canteloupe, avocado, spicy hot chocolate, and plum. They keep unusual hours at this little popsicle stand in 12 South, so if you happen to pass by when it’s open I suggest seizing the moment and getting one (or two!) while you can.  I always see people eating popsicles while waiting in line to get seated at Burger Up next door.  Clearly, any time is a good time for a paleta!

4 thoughts on “Plum and Avocado Paletas // Las Paletas, Nashville TN

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