A soft toasted bun piled high with incredibly tender slices of barbecued beef brisket, crunchy red cabbage slaw, fried onion and jicama strings, and tasty horseradish mayo.

This is a truly incredible sandwich.  The crunchiness of the slaw and the crispiness of the fried onions and jicama are the perfect accompaniment for brisket so tender your teeth sink right through it, and the horseradish mayo elevates it to a whole other level of mouth-watering.

Barque’s barbecued ribs and pulled pork sandwich are also top notch, but it’s hard to conceive of ordering anything else when the brisket sandwich is available.


2 thoughts on “Brisket Sandwich // Barque, Toronto ON

    • This is definitely one of my favorite places to get a sandwich anywhere, and this sandwich in particular is fantastic. I hope you do visit!

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