Flavourful sourdough bread generously stuffed with red onion, kalamata and green olives, parmesan, and nostrala cheese.

Au Soleil Levant is a fantastic little back-alley French Canadian artisan bakery that churns out heaps of exquisite French baked goods.  My favourite are the fougasse: small savoury stuffed breads filled with anything from mushrooms, green onions, garlic, and parmesan to bacon, white onion, sweet and spicy peppers, and gouda. They use rennet-free (vegetarian) cheese, and the fougasse are available in a variety of doughs including whole wheat, spelt, and their incredible sourdough.

The first time I tried a fougasse I decided to have one every day that week so I could try them all.  You can’t go wrong with any one of them, but my favourite is the red onion on sourdough with its salty olives, delicious cheeses, and just the right amount of filling-to-bread ratio.  C’est vraiment délicieux!


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