This pizza is so delicious it’s stupid.  The crust is soft and crisp, the circles of mozzarella are heavenly, the belly ham (made in-house by chef Tandy Wilson, who specializes in pork) is as good as it gets, the grano padano, chilis, and oregano add a lovely little kick…and if that wasn’t enough, there is a fried egg sitting on top (and what ISN’T good with the addition of a fried egg?).  When it’s in season, they will throw a handful of fresh arugula over top as well if you’d like (I thought this sounded strange at first, but trust me, it is super tasty).  This pizza is decadent, sinful, and worth every bite.


2 thoughts on “Belly Ham Pizza with Fried Egg // City House, Nashville TN

  1. I landed right here because I’m so hungry and the belly ham pizza sounds like a really good lunch. Thanks for leaving me drooling and hungrier than ever!

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