Freshly shucked lobster with celery mayo on a crispy, buttery toasted brioche bun served with jalapeño cheese polenta and steamed broccoli.

This lobster roll is everything it should be. The bun is soft, crispy, and buttery without being greasy. The filling is the perfect mix of fresh and tasty lobster, celery, and a light flavourful mayonnaise. Legal Seafood is also very generous with the lobster (though this is reflected in the price!).

Legal Seafood Lobster Roll

I was curious as to why this place had such an unusual name. The original owner, George Berkowitz opened it in 1950 as a small a fish market attached to his father’s grocery store, ‘Legal Cash Market’ (so named because it distributed ‘legal stamps’ to its customers). The market started serving fresh prepared seafood, which became so popular that over time it evolved into the Boston Institution it is today.


2 thoughts on “Lobster Roll // Legal Seafood, Boston MA

  1. wow–Legal Seafoods is the Big Time! How lucky you are 🙂 Lobster Roll looks amazing and even the broccoli looks good. Was the polenta tasty? We have one shop in Minneapolis that does lobster rolls and while they’re fantastic, they’re still never going to have East coast-fresh lobster.

    How is it that you get around so much? Traveling for your job?

    • The polenta was really good as well, but anything on that plate paled in comparison to that delicious sandwich!
      We were in Boston on the way to meet friends from Monteal to go camping in Cape Cod. First time in that area! I do sometimes travel for work, also end up traveling quite a bit to visit family and friends. But in general, travel has always been a big priority for me. I spent my entire twenties working at whatever odd job I could find so I could live in different places and travel around. Just love it!

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