Thick hot chocolate poured over a moist chocolate devil’s food cake log that has been dusted with cocoa and stuffed with dark chocolate pate, smooth white cream, crispy hazelnut brittle, and crunchy white chocolate pellets–then topped with chocolate cookie crumbs and strawberries (phew)!

The Yodel

As you can doubtlessly tell from the description, this dessert is completely insane..but in a good way. The server brings it out and lets you watch as he or she pours a pot of thick hot chocolate over the top. There are so many textures at play here–crunchy, smooth, creamy, crispy, hot, cold, smooth, powdery, etc. Obviously you must be a chocolate person to appreciate this dessert!

Inside The Yodel

There is already so much going on outside, but the inside is filled with even more goodies along with some delicious creamy white stuff and a luscious chocolate pate. Like opening a firecracker on New Year’s Eve, only the contents are infinitely more exciting. 😉


4 thoughts on “The Yodel // Juniper & Ivy, San Diego CA

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