Grilled prawns, shrimps, and calamari with lemon and salt.

While researching restaurants for a dinner date with my husband, I read about a place called Osteria der Belli that is known for their spectacular seafood. We both love seafood (and had had enough pizza and pasta to last a lifetime) so we decided to give it a try.

Osteria der Belli

Normally I am not so fond of reality food (ie. food with the eyes still attached) but this plate was so delicious I didn’t even care.  The prawns, shrimp, and calamari were all cooked to mouth-watering perfection, with nothing to flavor them but lemon and salt.  It was one of the best plates of grilled seafood I have ever had.


Osteria der Belli is located in the Travestere neighborhood and has a large patio out front.


5 thoughts on “Mixed Grill // Osteria der Belli, Rome IT

  1. Hi HD 😀 Now this looks great !! I love prawns and shrimp but find the calamari too chewy for my palate. When I first arrived in Spain with no knowledge of Spanish I bought the worst onion rings in “breadcrumbs” from the freezer section of the local supermarket. The picture was of onion rings, but they were calamari !! Big hug my friend. Ralph xox ❤

  2. I get so excited when I see one of your posts hit my email box–another mini vacay in Italy 🙂 lol, your term “reality food.” Aptly named! Am all over seafood and would love to have tried your dish.

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