Thin slices of capocollo, mozzarella di bufala, pomodoro, lettuce, dijon, and kalamata olive tapenade on fresh-baked sunflower bread.

Fa-bio is a great little find in the Prati neighborhood and a welcome alternative to all the tourist traps clustered around the nearby Vatican. The food is fresh, organic, healthy and delicious and the place is small and friendly. Both of the times we went there was a lineup outside the door.

The menu consists of a variety of made-to-order sandwiches, organic salads, alternative grains, fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies, and homemade baked goods made from wholesome ingredients. The owners make the food to order themselves, and it is obvious that they take pride in what they do.


This sandwich was simple, fresh, and delicious. The first time I had it on their soft, homemade sunflower seed bread, but when I went back a few days later they had run out so I had it on a fresh-baked olive baguette.  Both were equally good.

The capocollo (cured ham made from Calabrian pork fed with local plants and aged for 30-100 days) is salty, chewy, and delicious, the mozzarella di bufala is soft and moist, and the vegetables are fresh and flavorful. The combination of olive tapenade with dijon is an unlikely but delicious combination, the dijon so good I suspect it is homemade (if they hadn’t been so busy I would have asked!).


Fa-Bio is located at 43 Via Germanico in the Prati neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Vatican


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