A delectable dark chocolate geometric dome filled with real crème brûlée.

I remember the first time I went to Kee’s Chocolates.  My husband and I were staying in a little apartment on Thompson Street in Soho and happened to walk by the small storefront on the way home from dinner.  It was night and the store was closed, but we could see Kee Ling Tong in the brightly-lit window next door preparing the next day’s batch of handmade chocolate truffles.

The store hours were a lot more limited at that time, so it took a few tries before we found it open. Inside was a small case containing a limited number of inventive and delicious-sounding chocolate truffles. The truffles were even more incredible than we had hoped. The créme brûlée truffle was one of my favorites: a monster-sized dark chocolate geometric dome filled with real créme brûlée (as you can imagine, this truffle has a short shelf life and must be kept refrigerated).  Other favorites included lemon basil, honey saffron, blended pepper, and champagne.

Kee's Chocolate Truffles

Today Kee’s Chocolates has three locations in Manhattan and a massive array of truffles made from divine combinations, as well as their own line of delicious-sounding chocolate bars.  The créme brûlée truffle is still one of my all-time favorites.  When I first started going to Kee’s it was difficult to get because they didn’t make it every day.  Now that I no longer live in New York, it is really hard to get my hands on (especially as the créme brûlée truffle needs to be consumed so soon after buying!).

My husband was just in New York on business, and he brought back a box of Kee’s truffles along with two of their chocolate bars.  I had to eat the créme brûlée truffle as soon as he got off the plane last night (not a hard sell!) as he had bought it the day before.  It was every bit as heavenly as I remembered.

Kee's Chocolates

Kee’s Chocolates was founded in New York City in 2002 by Kee Ling Tong, who uses fresh ingredients imported from countries around the world including France, Japan, and Spain to make her delicious handmade chocolates.


4 thoughts on “Crème Brûlée Truffle // Kee’s Chocolates, New York NY

  1. Looks so luscious…I would love to taste. Next time I hear of someone going to New York , I shall send for a box of Kee’s truffles, you’ve sold me on them!

    • Thanks! By coincidence, my husband is heading back from another business trip in NYC tonight with a box of them tonight. I thought I wouldn’t get to taste them again for years, so I’m pretty excited! 🙂

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