Fresh mint leaves steeped in hot water with lots of honey. These mint leaves are so fragrant they actually trump the taste of the honey, which is so prevalent you have to fight to keep the flies and bees out of your glass.

There is nothing quite like sipping Moroccan mint tea while looking out at the Straight of Gilbraltar, but the portside location is not the only reason Cafe Mamounia gets my vote for one of the best tea-drinking experiences I have ever had.  The tea is particularly flavourful and delicious here, and the cafe is an interesting cultural experience in itself – with a clientele comprised (like so many other places here) solely of men sitting alone, looking out toward the harbour as they sip their tea.

Cafe Mamounia, Tangier MC

Due to years of neglect, Tangier was long considered “the Tijuana of Africa”. But since King Muhhamed VI took the throne in 1999, it has undergone a makeover on a grand scale and the difference is huge.  Tangier is as bustling and urban as any city I’ve been to, and also one of the least touristy spots I have visited.  It is definitely the first place I’ve been that seems to have absolutely no interest in appropriating American culture in any way whatsoever–which I found both fascinating and refreshing.


2 thoughts on “Moroccan Mint Tea // Café Mamounia, Tangier MC

  1. sounds fantastic–am totally using you for vicarious travel 😉 Agree that there’s too much America in the world–especially in foreign countries or how we treat cultures when they arrive in the U.S. There are so many things to learn from other people.

    That tea looks refreshing big time. Ahhhhh…..

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