Creamy 45% deep milk chocolate with hickory smoked uncured bacon and Alderwood smoked salt.

Anyone who says that bacon doesn’t belong in desserts hasn’t tried Mo’s Milk Bar by Vosges (or, at the very least, they have forgotten how good bacon that has been sitting in a pool of pancake syrup at breakfast tastes!).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that bacon and chocolate are always good bedfellows.  I have had bacon and chocolate pairings done badly.  In my opinion, bacon and dark chocolate are not a particularly good match, and I definitely don’t believe that the fatty, chewy part of bacon and chocolate should ever be put together.

With Mo’s Milk Bar, Vosges has got the bacon and chocolate combination down to an art.  It is creamy and crisp, sweet and salty…the perfect marriage of breakfast and dessert.  And when you’re finished, you are left with both the taste of smoky bacon (mmm!) and sweet milk chocolate (mmm!!) lingering on your tongue.

This is one of the tastiest chocolate bars ever.


4 thoughts on “Mo’s Milk Bar // Vosges, Chicago IL

  1. have had this and loved it! It’s what I was thinking of when I posted a few weeks back about chocolate and bacon going well together 🙂 You have excellent taste.

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