A freshly-made Parisian crepe filled with warm Nutella and gooey melted strawberry marshmallows.

When I walked into this touristy little storefront in Bath, I was not expecting anything too interesting. My 3-year-old son wanted an ice cream, and my husband decided to get a crepe.  I decided against getting anything, as nothing there seemed worth binging on. My son got white chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and the crepe my husband ordered had Nutella and packaged miniature strawberry marshmallows. This did not seem like the sort of thing that would be worth blowing my daily intake of calories on.

How wrong I was.

Sure, I do like crepes, but apart from the ones I’ve tried in Paris I generally find their taste a little too predictable to be worth it. But the little street-stand-styled creperie they had set up in the back of the store operated like those you see on the streets of Paris, and somehow the mixture of those ordinary ingredients turned into the most marvelous, gooey, sinful, melt-in-your-mouth experience I have had in a long time. The texture of the crepe was heaven. I can honestly say it was one of the top three things I ate during my entire visit to England.

I  had to run back and get another after I “helped” my husband devour the first. It was way too good for sharing.


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