Skewers of flavourful minced lamb served with Persian saffron rice, plump barbecued tomato, tadig, and sumac.  

Kubideh kebab (alternately spelled Koobideh Kabab) is an Iranian meat kebab made from lamb, beef, or chicken that has been smashed on a flat stone with a wooden mallet, minced, mixed with parsley and ground onions, and cooked on skewers.  It is typically served with Persian rice and tadig, the delicious golden crust that results from rice and bread – or rice and potato, depending on how it is made – that has burned slightly at the bottom of the rice pot.

The Kubideh Kebab at Rose Kebab was so good I ordered it two nights in a row. The lamb was incredibly tender, spicy and delicious, the rice was fluffy and tasted of saffron, the tadig was crunchy and there was plenty of it, and there was just enough barbecued tomato to disperse throughout the rice. It also came with sumac, the tangy crimson spice popularly used in Persian cuisine to give meat and rice a lovely, tart, somewhat lemony flavour.


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