A breathtaking coursed meal that includes several original Japanese appetizers, a tantalizing array of sashimi (pictured above), assorted fresh nigiri preparations, and various other incredible innovations made with ingredients such as eel, noodles, octopus, bonito, monkfish, and sea bream followed by some astounding desserts.

The food at Sushi Kaji is incredibly beautiful. Course after tantalizing course arrives at your table, each dish even more original, more beautiful, and more impossibly delicious than the last.  We spent a very enjoyable half hour watching the sous chefs carving vegetables into delicate filigreed objets d’art. What is amazing is the amount of great care that is put into every single ingredient before it arrives at your table.

Takumi is a coursed menu created nightly by Chef Kaji based on ingredients that have been selected for availability, quality, and freshness. Ordering a la carte is strictly off-limits at Sushi Kaji, but there are two omakazes to choose from and you can’t possibly go wrong with either. My husband still cites the first meal we had here as the best meal he has had in his life, and it is considered one of the top five restaurants in the country. It isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny.

Special diet? No problem. Chef Kaji will simply whip up something else that is equally as incredible as what the person with no restrictions is eating.

The menu changes constantly, but all of the food is stupendously delicious.


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