Soft, sweet, snow white torrone filled with Amarena cherries, candied oranges, pistachios, or chocolate with hazelnuts.

Torrone – otherwise known as nougat – is an Italian confection made with egg whites, sugar, and honey. According to the process by which it is made, it can either be hard and crunchy or soft and chewy, and can be filled with anything from chocolate to fruit or nuts.

Torrone with Oranges

When we saw the gorgeous snow white cakes of fresh torrone sitting in the window of Cavalsani in the small Tuscan town of Volterra, we knew we had to try some. The trick was narrowing it down to just one or two flavors from their amazing selection that included torrone stuffed with candied oranges, torrone with slivered almonds, and pistachio torrone.

Torrone Morbido Al Pistacchio

After much deliberation, we settled on a slice of the amarena cherry and the chocolate with hazelnuts (nutella). Most of the nougat I have tried has been of the hard and crunchy variety, but this torrone was even softer and tastier than it looked in the window – a soft, sticky, sweet cloud filed with fruit and nuts. It was so delicious I had to remind myself that a typical serving of torrone is generally quite small because it is so dense. You can definitely fill up on this stuff very fast!

Torrone Morbido Al Amarena


6 thoughts on “Fresh Torrone // Cavalsani, Volterra IT

  1. I so want this! How could you possibly fit into any of your clothes after this trip? 😉 Curious how complicated it would be to make torrone. Off to google. Hope things go well in your world and that your family is enjoying the holidays. Busy, I’d bet!

    • Who said I still fit in my clothes when I got back? 😉
      I could totally see you making this! What would you put in it? I looked it up on Epicurious and found one recipe there. It seemed like people had mixed results. Some said they would rather buy it than make it again, but it sounded like those who took care with temperatures and timing had huge success.
      Happy holidays!

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