Creamy white chocolate gelato sprinkled with lime zest.

Imagine sitting in a lovely, sunny, small town square in Tuscany eating the smoothest, creamiest handmade Italian white chocolate gelato sprinkled with fresh, aromatic lime zest.

This is quite simply the best gelato I have had in Italy. My experience with real Italian gelato has admittedly been limited to a couple of trips, but I also (admittedly) consumed a fair amount of gelato on said trips. And while the gelato in Italy has been pretty spectacular across the board, this is the first gelato I have been moved to write about. It wins my own personal grand prize hands down.

Gelateria Anfiteatro

The first time I went into Gelato Anfiteatro in Lucca’s Piazza Anfiteatro, I knew I had to get the white chocolate with lime. You could see that the lime zest was fresh, and just thinking about how that would taste over handmade white chocolate gelato was making me drool.

White Chocolate Gelato with Lime Zest

I settled on the panna cotta as my other flavour. The panna cotta gelato was also amazing and could easily have won for best flavour as well. In fact, pretty much every flavour I tasted was uncommonly good on both the texture and flavour fronts. But the white chocolate with lime got my vote because it was an original combination and incredibly delicious, and the lime zest added both freshness of flavour and beauty to its appearance.

When we returned to this spot a second time, I got the exact same two flavors I did the first time. I have no idea if I will every have the chance to return to Lucca, and I had to have that experience one more time.

Gelato in the Square




6 thoughts on “Gelato with Lime Zest // Gelato Anfiteatro, Lucca IT

  1. I can just imagine eating the white chocolate and Lime gelato right now 🙂 slurp! Especially on a cold day like this when all I can do is dream of warm weather!

    • I’m not sure I’ll try my hand at making gelato at home, but I will definitely be grating some lime zest over my ice cream in the future! Haven’t revisited the egg dish yet. 😉

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