This Vegan flan made with coconut milk is a contender for one of the best flans I’ve tasted.

I love flan, but only when it’s made right. My Cuban grandmother used to make it and that is how I like it – light, with plenty of burnt sugar. I rarely take a chance ordering it because it’s too thick and gluey for me at most restaurants. So I was skeptical when the server at this little vegan-friendly restaurant in Seville strongly urged me to order their vegan coconut flan. It’s hard enough to get flan right when using eggs and sweetened condensed milk, and the chance of anyone doing it well without them seemed unlikely to me.

What a pleasant surprise! The flan was light and delicious, and the consistency was closer to my grandmother’s than most of the restaurant flans I have tried. It turns out coconut milk not only gives flan a superb texture, it adds a subtle but lovely flavour to the flan.  It is a fantastic example of how avoiding animal products doesn’t always mean compromising on taste.

Habanita is a tasty little vegan-friendly restaurant tucked inside an alley in central Seville that specializes in regional dishes as well as some with Caribbean influences – both with and without meat.



7 thoughts on “Vegan Coconut Flan // Habanita, Seville ES

  1. have never been a huge flan fan (heehee), but maybe that is because I haven’t had any made by a Cuban grandmother. What I’ve had does tend to be “thick and gluey.” Your photo looks amazing. Wanting to pick that bowl up and drink the caramel sauce!

    Do you like creme brulee as well?

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