Smooth, creamy, organic milk chocolate with tangy lime and spicy chilli.

Montezuma’s chilli lime bar was originally made for a famous chilli festival in South Downs, but so many customers clamoured for more that Montezuma’s started manufacturing it as one of their regular bars. Thank you, customers.  If it weren’t for you, I never would have had the opportunity to taste what is hands down the best milk chocolate bar I have ever had.

I wouldn’t have given this bar a second look if I hadn’t been standing in front of a free sample while purchasing a box of fancy chocolates for my mother-in-law at London Heathrow last winter. I am a dark chocolate person, and only like milk chocolate in very rare cases.  Apparently milk chocolate mixed with lime and chilli is one of those instances.  It was so delicious, I raced back and bought 4 bars to take home for myself.  I only regret that I didn’t buy 4 cases, as I soon discovered that it is impossible to get this incredible bar here in the United States (even online!?) and I had already developed a serious addiction.

Out of sheer desperation I had a case sent to a London-based friend so he could ship it to me here in Chicago while visiting the States last month, and have been doing my best to savour those 12 precious chocolate bars as slowly as humanly possible ever since.

A quote on the back of the box reads “Until you taste it, words will not do justice to how well this unlikely combination works.”  This is so true.  Don’t let the dubious company name scare you off–this chocolate bar is the stuff that dreams are made of.


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